Gamer Dad: So Who Is The Blogger?

Hi all!
I am a new gamer dad! This is the new gaming blog that I use for recording my thoughts when playing video games. It will contain reviews, Commentary and other video games related news.

About Me The Gamer Dad

I’ve been gaming since I can remember soo around 28 years. My favourite memory was playing Sonic the hedgehog. This was later followed by PlayStation 1 and continued right up until now. 

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Last year I became a dad, and have a little boy who I hope one day to share my interests, he already reaches for my controllers, so hopefully shouldn’t be long to wait.
This year I started a Twitch and YouTube channel. I really enjoy the creative side of editing but I’m still working on improving the channel.

The Games

As of 16/08/2021, I have been playing iRacing and Assetto Corsa, but I have also played Saints Row 3 and Monster Hunter Rise. I expect the last three games to change over the coming months as I complete them and move on to other games.

IRacing however, I want to be my primary focus. I’ve started at the Rookie-level and I am aiming to get my next license for Road racing. The online experience is unparalleled compared to other racers, the only downside is that sim racing is an expensive hobby to delve into, with a beginner setup ranging from £150 upwards. My setup cost around £280 and that is with budget gear.

My Sim Racing Set Up

I’ll post pictures of my setup when I am happy with it but, I’ll explain what I have. The wheel and pedal set I have is the Logitech G29 with H Gear Shifter. I got this on eBay for £200 which is pretty good when the shifter was included.

These are attached to a X-Rocker XR Racing Rig Steering Wheel Stand which is portable however it is now a permanent fixture in my bedroom. The stand cost £50, again second hand on eBay.

Xrocker Steering Wheel
Xrocker Steering Wheel

The seat I bought was an old VW golf Driver seat, it cost me a whopping £1 to buy since someone was trying to get rid of parts. I would recommend keeping an eye out for driver seats as they are usually cheaper and more comfortable than gaming chairs.

The VW Chair

That’s all for today I look forward to sharing my adventures in both gaming and parenthood.

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A new dad, who loves his video games. he's been playing games since he was 2. He likes RPGs and racing games.