Saints Row The Third, What You Need To Know

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Saints Row The Third, is it a GTA 5 beater? Grand Theft Auto 5 seems to have been out forever. There have been many attempts to dethrone the Rockstar series. Enter THQ who released Saints Row in 2006. It was a great alternative to GTA and double-downed on the sillier moments. THQ filed for bankruptcy in 2012. THQ’s assets were sold. Deep Silver bought the franchise. So there is hope for future games in the series.

Saints Row 3 became available on the Nintendo Switch recently and I managed to get a copy of the game and couldn’t wait to replay the game. My memory of the game was foggy at best.

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What is Saints Row The Third?

Saints Row 3 Explosions
Saints Row 3 Explosions

Saints Row 3 is a game where you play the leader of the Saints gang and are tasked with getting revenge on the gangs that threaten to kill you. Unlike GTA5 this title does not take itself so seriously and there are plenty of moments where your character seems lucky. You have guns, vehicles and gang members at your disposal. The weapons range from the mundane such as pistols, machine guns, RPGs, to the strange such as sex toys, steampunk shotguns and other crazy weapons.

Saints Row The Third Collectables and Side Quests

Unlike GTA which has way too many side quests, Saints Row keeps the number of side quests limited which for me is a boon. As you complete the side quests, which include insurance fraud and tiger escort, you gain territory. Using funds from the main missions and side quests you can then buy additional territories such as shops and bases. Using this money you can buy weapons, mods etc. There are also collectables and photo ops that you can take advantage of which are not on the map and you have to seek out.

Graphics and Audio

Saints Row The Third: Just a Chat
Saints Row The Third: Just a Chat

The graphics have a cartoonish style which really goes well with the not-so-serious tone of the video game. The audio includes mostly hip hop and rock. There is one standout moment, your character jumps out of the helicopter and “Power” by Kanye West starts playing which makes the scene so epic, there are other moments like this but this one really stands out. My playlist now has a new song.

Final Thoughts

Saints Row The Third More Explosions
Saints Row The Third More Explosions

If you find it difficult to play long games like GTA5, this may be the answer for you. However if you find a copy of the first two games. then you can learn more of the story. Just note that in the first game your character is mute up until the end of the game.

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